Six years ago someone very special fulfilled his mission, Save Dean Winchester from the dark. After all that, he began to feel something different, think different, be different. He learned from humans life, learned to make mistakes and solve them, learned to do what your heart says and not what reason dictates. 

He learned to be an angel with a littel bit of humanity inside him.

Six years ago this angel with curious of humanity came to Winchester’s life and began to be one of their family

Happy Birthday Castiel


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Autumn Cas-baby  ヽ(○´3`)ノ.:*゚


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“I’m going over there. Wish me luck.”

Hunter’s Helper 2/∞
Sam + Champagne 

Hunter’s Helper 2/∞
Sam + Champagne 

Hunter’s Helper 2/∞
Sam + Champagne 

Hunter’s Helper 2/∞
Sam + Champagne 

Hunter’s Helper 2/

Sam + Champagne 


I’m Fine a tale of 3


Jensen’s twitter is a gift from heaven [x]


so supernatural is coming back soon

and i guess you could say that dean’s gonna be

back in black

 Supernatural Cast Members 15/21 - Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer)